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Southeastern Hose is the nation’s leading Fabricator of Flexible Metal Hose, Rubber Hose, PTFE Hose, and Composite Hose Assemblies along with fabrication of Expansion Joints, Pump Connectors, Jacketed Assemblies, Chemical Hoses, and Stripwound Hose.

Founded in 1963, Southeastern Hose has worked tirelessly to become the standard in the Hose Assembly and Expansion Joint Industry. We offer more than 25 product lines and stock the most complete inventory in the country with a variety of types, sizes, and materials to handle any inquiry.

With more than 500 years of combined experience, we are confident that our unique ability to make specialized products will make you a customer for life.

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By maintaining our high standards of providing a quality product with quality service, Southeastern Hose is dedicated to upholding our tradition of growth through service.

Corrugated Hoses - Final

Corrugated Hoses

Used for lateral offset and vibration dampening while conveying a wide variety of applications. The outer metal wire braid provides the assembly with the high-pressure capability and acts as a restraint against elongation.

TEFLON™ Hoses - Final

Fluoropolymer Hoses

Fluoropolymer hoses are used for transferring highly corrosive acids and solvents commonly found in industrial plants producing chemicals, pesticides, fertilizer, paints, and many more highly corrosive products.

Chemical Hoses - Final

Chemical Hoses

Industrial chemical hoses are essential for industries that handle corrosive, abrasive, and hazardous materials. These hoses ensure the protection of personnel, equipment, and the environment during the fluid conveyance processes.

Rubber Hoses - Final

Rubber Hoses

Industrial rubber hoses are used in a wide variety of non-corrosive applications across most industries. From air to water to mild chemicals, these hoses serve as flexible solutions to countless industrial applications.

Expansion Joints - Final

Metal Expansion Joints

Bellow style expansion joints are a versatile product, and offer solutions to many different industrial applications. This product absorbs axial and lateral movements that are caused by thermal changes. Tie rods, flow liners, and covers can be added to the single metal expansion joint to enhance the performance capabilities.

SEMSD - Final

HVAC Products

State-of-the-art products that offer a solution to a wide array of commercial plumbing and HVAC applications. Commonly used for hot or cold water and mild chemicals and oils.

Accessories - Final


Accessories include firesleeve, heat shrink tubing, abrasive sleeving, spiral guard wrap, spring guard, and more to provide customers with the best product to fit their application.


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By maintaining our standard of high quality products and services, Southeastern Hose is dedicated to upholding our tradition of growth through service.

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